A brief history

With years of experience across different business models and a strong academic background, Business Web Solution has established an approved method for designing, building and developing websites. We are proud to offer our very own, unique SEO tools and business models that we have developed to support your business.
We view our customers as a long-term investment and our research and development team ensures we are always up to date, for your benefit.
Our project manager is Ali (Bob), who dedicates most of his time to studying, researching and teaching. He founded Business Web Solution on 30 Nov 2018 after two years investigating how different business models work in today’s digital world. The result of his research is an innovative combination of SEO tools and business models that we offer to customers looking for a web solution for their business.

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A team effort

Ali’s know-how is now complemented by the talents of Alan, Phil and John. Their combination of design, development and editing skills adding valuable expertise to the BWS team.

Our promise to you is a well-designed, well-built, and highly developed website, boosting your reputation with new and current customers.

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