About us

After years of experience in different business models and a very robust academic background, Business web solution established an approved method for designing, building and developing websites. We proudly announce that we have developed SEO tools combined with business models that include complicated methods and materials that we offer to support your business. This is a part of our intellectual property that you will benefit by using our services.

We are thinking of our customers as a long-term investment and our research and development team always keep us up to date for benefit of our customers.

Our project manager is Bob who spends most of his life studying, researching and dedicating himself to research, learn and teach. He founded Business Web Solution on 30 Nov 2018 after about two years researching and studying different business models and the relation of them to today’s digital world. The result of his research is an innovative combined of SEO tools and business models that we offer to our valuable customers who look for a web solution for their business. What we guarantee is our promise that you will gain a well designed, built and developed website that will bring you more trust and customers. Our motto is “ONCE FOREVER”.


Business web solution, once forever
Once Forever